Link takes its position of “Good Health Pharmacy” very seriously. 

Link’s New Business Development Manager Ryan Conybeare says: “In the community pharmacy sector, Link pharmacists – most of whom are also the pharmacy owners – know and understand their customers well. They understand that there is so much more to their role than just dispensing. For decades, Link has been synonymous with “Good Health Pharmacy” for over 40 years. 

Inyatullah Barday, owner and Responsible Pharmacist of Zest Pharmacy, Link’s pharmacy in Kimberley, is a good example of the role played by Link pharmacists in health awareness. 

“Typically, Link pharmacists are well-rounded healthcare professionals with expertise in many areas. We service diverse communities and provide valuable and free advice which is especially relevant given the tight economy and for customers with limited means”. 

The importance of screening Inyatullah provides essential services such as screening for blood pressure and blood glucose levels while also offering primary healthcare consultations. 

Why is it so important to visit the pharmacy for a screening? 

According to the Heart & Stroke Foundation South Africa, high blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the causes of death from heart disease and strokes. In South Africa 1 in 3 adults live with high blood pressure. More than 50% of people with high blood pressure are unaware of it, hence it is known as the silent killer.

Regarding blood glucose screening, the importance of this is illustrated by the fact that, according to Diabetes SA, many people who have diabetes Type 2 are undiagnosed. Its onset is gradual and hard to detect. High glucose levels over a long period can lead to blindness, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, impotence and even amputation. 

To serve the community in detecting these conditions early, Link’s Zest Pharmacy has an in-store primary care clinic. 

Proactive & preventative Inyatullah is proactive in improving his customers’ health, pursuing a preventative approach. 

“We have known many of our customers for years so there is a trusting relationship and where we note a possible condition, we will initiate a discreet conversation. For example, if we know a customer is a heavy smoker, we can help them to quit the habit. If a customer is obese, we would recommend appropriate screenings and point out the risks facing them. If they are open to help, we will counsel them”. 

Apart from engaging with customers, Zest Pharmacy also raises awareness of good health through the handing out of pamphlets. Nationally, Link’s regular and extensive social media campaigns reach deep into the communities, raising awareness and educating customers. 

Another everyday action to manage well-being is customer compliance when taking chronic medication. Patients are reminded to fill their scripts and asked about any side effects experienced.

“Having a brand synonymous with ‘good health’, customer well-being is always top-of-mind and a driving passion for Link pharmacies. This level of commitment is one of the reasons why Link is the top-rated independent community pharmacy brand,” says Ryan.



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