For many, June is holiday time but it is also flu time.

While holidays will no doubt have more exciting things in store than a visit to your GP or pharmacist, June is not too late to have a flu injection. If we look at the WHO (World Health Organisation) outlook for influenza, we see a general decrease globally but an increase of flu detections in South Africa. It’s not a bad idea to take an hour or so out of your holidays and have a flu vaccine, especially when one considers that, according to the National Department of Health, flu kills between 6 000 – 11 000 South Africans each year.

How will a flu vaccine help me?

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) offers some very solid reasons for getting a flu vaccine as it can:

  • Keep you from getting sick with flu.
  • Reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalisation
  • Be life-saving for children
  • Reduce the severity of flu for those vaccinated but still get sick
  • Prevent serious medical events associated with certain chronic conditions
  • Help to protect women during and after pregnancy
  • Protect people around you – work colleagues, babies, older people, family and friends.

Visit your GP or pharmacist for your flu vaccine.




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