Since Sunday, June 17 is Father’s Day (you are hereby reminded!), we thought we’d pay a little extra attention to all the special men in our lives. Their health is important to you and to us and in recognition of Men’s Health Month, we’ve compiled a few fun ideas to bring out the best in your Dad… and to skip the traditional gifts of ties and ‘Best Dad’ coffee mugs for just this year.

1. Take your Dad for a walk on a scenic trail or even do a light hike.
Physical activity levels for adults recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) can improve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, reduce the risk of NCDs (Noncommunicable Diseases) and depression.

2. Give him the gift of water with a reusable water bottle that he can use while walking, and every day in the office.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends an intake of 2,5l of water for men and 2l of water for women per day via food and drink consumption.

3. What would a day out be without some sunblock or sun protective clothing? Your Dad’s skin needs taking care of… and this isn’t something he’d normally buy for himself.
The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) encourages the public to be sun smart and throw shade at skin cancer this summer. “South Africa is ranked as a leading outdoor adventure destination with glorious weather conditions, beautiful beaches and bushveld, and yet ironically it also has one of the highest monitored ultra violet levels globally. This results in the country’s population having one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world.”

4. Come home to a lekker South African boerie braai with lots of salad and veg.
According to the Heart Foundation, up to 80% of heart disease and stroke can be prevented by simply living a healthy lifestyle, and that includes healthy eating.

5. Last, but not least on the list, is a hint at starting a hobby.
The importance of hobbies for stress relief is outlined in an article featured on Verywell Mind. The article is quoted as saying: “Hobbies bring a sense of fun and freedom to life that can help to minimise the impact of chronic stress. Those who feel overwhelmed at a job, for example, can benefit from hobbies because they provide an outlet for stress and something to look forward to after a hard day (or week) at a stressful job.”

If Dad has been feeling a little out of sync lately, why not encourage him to have some key screening tests done at his local pharmacist or healthcare practitioner. These would include blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Remember, just as insightful as it is to research your family tree, don’t forget to do a little digging on your own family health history.

Treasure your family this month and always – from the youth to the parents and the elderly. In the words of Joyce Meyer: “I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”