According to the South African Pharmacy Museum, the pharmacy industry is as old as civilisation. But in a time of rapid change, the one thing that has not changed is Link’s commitment to family and community values as a caring provider of ‘good health’ across South Africa.

How has the role of pharmacy changed? 

Link group’s Business Development Manager, Ryan Conybeare, explains that the traditional role of a pharmacist is to ensure the correct and safe use of medication by patients. While this role remains core to the profession, the modern pharmacist increasingly plays a vital role in preventative care and the promotion and maintenance of good health,  wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Conybeare believes that some people are not aware of the exceptional value offered by pharmacists outside of dispensing medication and cites just a few examples to illustrate the point.

“One example is screening customers for blood pressure and diabetes – two diseases where symptoms are not easily felt until the condition becomes serious or life threatening.

Then, an example which is particularly apt during the COVID-19 pandemic, is helping you to choose supplements and vitamins to boost your immune system. Which will work for you? Which will fit your budget best?

These are just two examples of how a short conversation with your Link pharmacist can make a marked difference to your good health, wellbeing and ultimately, quality of life. In terms of cost and convenience, you do not need to make an appointment – a conversation with your pharmacist is free. The value that your pharmacist brings is immense”.

Ryan Conybeare
Link group’s Business Development Manager.

Link Pharmacy has been a beacon of ‘good health’ in its communities for decades. Our pharmacies are owner managed, the essence of independent community pharmacies. Link was rated top independent community pharmacy by the Sunday Times – Sowetan consumer survey three years in a row.



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